Introducing the latest recording from Cantores Missae.

The music on this CD is a selection of much loved pieces that have formed a part of regular Christian worship over many years in the services of the Catholic and other churches, but which have in recent years become rather overlooked in favour of more contemporary compositions. They are included here because we believe they are more than worthy of revisiting and hope that they may again become frequently performed in our Churches.

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The first recording from Cantores Missae, released in 2006

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Track 1. Introit

Track 16.

Jesu, grant me

this I pray

Track 2.

Ave Verum (Elgar)

Track 14.

Laudate Dominum

Track 7.

O quam gloriosum

Track 13.

Ave verum

Track 9.

Sanctus & Benedictus

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Review from ‘The Catholic Herald’


    “Since hymns exist to be sung by robustly imperfect congregational voices in (hopefully) large numbers, it’s strange to hear them done by a small professional choir with immaculate musicianship. But it’s instructive too. And instruction is at least part of the purpose behind Praise to the Holiest in the Height, a new CD of hymns, chants and motets - some well-known, some not - by a choir called Cantores Missae.

    With just six voices and organ, they deliver an eclectic sweep of repertory from ancient to Elgar that stands comfortably at the the centre of traditional catholic liturgy and was in some cases featured during the big Masses for this year’s Papal visit. But it’s also all within the range of a competent parish choir. So in effect it’s a guide to what can be done with a modicum of love, commitment and effort. And an encouragement to try. With Christmas coming it’s a timely issue. Give a copy to your parish priest, and organist. It might inspire them.”

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